Continuing the local and global interest in proactive solutions to reducing youth violence by the Black & Latino Policy Institute

bullying and the differon: accepting difference as a way to reduce violence

Link to 2007 “Can democratic education bring peace and justice to society?” PowerPoint World Education Forum Sao Paulo, Brazil

Link to 2008 “Reducing violence by understanding its sources” PowerPoint Rouge Forum, Bellarmine University Louisville, KY

Link to 2011 “Self-actualization, Democratic Education and Hip Hop Culture Their Relationship to Reducing the Aggressive Impulse” PowerPoint Human Rights Day Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN

Link to 2013 “Hip Hop Culture, Self-Actualization, Democratic Education Their Relationship to Reducing Human Aggression”  London International Conference on Education   London, UK

Link to 2014 “They Say We are Prone to Violence, but It’s Home Sweet Home Addressing the Roots of Violence 1st Annual South Africa International Conference on Education, Pretoria, South Africa

Link to 2014 “Hip Hop Culture, Self-Actualization, Democratic Education:  Their Relationship to Reducing Human Aggression” The Association of Humanist Sociology, University of Indianapolis

Link to 2015 “The Praxis of Hip Hop Levels of Human Power Self actualization and Democratic Education for Addressing the Roots of Violence” published by peer-reviewed International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education

Link to 2018 “Violence is important” PowerPoint Center for Interfaith Cooperation, Indianapolis, IN

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Supporting change from the inside: Reducing urban violence by involving urban youth in the solution

Letter to Father Hardin proposing a Psychology of Violence course for Martin University

The Psychology of Violence Syllabus

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The Praxis of Hip Hop, Self-Actualization, and Democratic Education for Addressing the Roots of Violence

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Dr. Louie Rodriguez, “Everybody grieves, but still nobody sees: Toward a praxis of recognition for Latina/Latino students in U.S. schools”