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I’m a hillbilly: A part of who I am

Connecting the dots:  Destroying our city’s backbone by the gentrification of long-time Indianapolis urban neighborhoods

Indy’s 2022 Downtown Gentrification Power Elites

Laura McPhee 2021 Indianapolis Norwood Neighborhood Research Notes

02.08.2022 Good Bones: House flipping and gentrification in Fountain Square

IUPUI 2020 Social Justice Symposium Hey! Stop skipping class: A heart to heart talk with IUPUI students about why and how social class is the hidden discriminator on campus and what to do about it

IUPUI 2020 Report and Analysis: Hey! Stop cutting class Session IUPUI Social Justice Symposium

IUPUI 2020 Social Justice Symposium PowerPoint: Hey! Stop Skipping Class: Issues and Solutions to Classism on Campus

Defining diversity in Indianapolis: Adding the white working class

Class as a factor in dismantling systemic racism

Working-Class Whites Helping tackle Indy racism

Poverty–Rising out of poverty or getting rid of it

Defining diversity in Indianapolis: Adding the white working class

PowerPoint:  Making Indy’s white working class a distinct group in the city’s  diversity spectrum

Explanation of Indy PowerPoint slides made to help the discussion on diversity in Indianapolis

SEND and R/ROS in light of the global Black Lives Matter movement

Questions as to issues raised in 08.03.20 message, “SEND & ROSS in light of the global Black Lives Matter movement”

09.24.2020 MEMO: Renew Indy in light of the global Black Lives Matter movement

06.08.21 K. Strader letter to Rep. Carson on Barrington H.O.T.I.F. and SEND and racial cleansing of Norwood

06.14.21 letter by US Rep. Carson on 06.11.21 R/ROS memo on set-aside funds for R/ROS

R/ROS note to SEND regarding the ethnic cleansing of Norwood

Renew Indy’s list of Norwood properties SEND wants to buy to rehab and sell

2018 Norwood neighborhood study: Market Analysis and Redevelopment Strategy

Who killed Hosbrook Street? SEND and the ethnic cleansing of Fountain Square

The dominoes keep falling and Norwood is next:  Stopping the ethnic cleansing of Black Indianapolis by gentrification

SEW-CTF A comprehensive vision for the transformation of southeast Indianapolis public education

SEW-CTF: Urban schools as sites to contest inequalities

SEW-CTF Keeping urban students in school: Adding a history of labor course to the curriculum

SEW-CTF Aug-Sept 2019 Newsletter: SEW-CTF City Council Resolution Celebrating Country Music in Indianapolis

SEW-CTF sponsored City-County Council resolution proclaims Sept 15 and Sept 22 Country Music Weeks in Indy

John Harris Loflin at City Council supporting SEW-CTF resolution to make weeks of Sept 15 and Sept 22 Country Music Weeks in Indy

John Harris Loflin at WFYI studios after interview for Kyle Long’s Cultural Manifesto radio show

I’m a hillbilly A part of my story by John Harris Loflin

The Hyper-gentrification of Fountain Square: Erasing a working-class community and their network of mechanisms for survival by Angie Calvert

Gentrification: A community and personal account by Angie Calvert

Who killed Hosbrook Street? SEND and the gentrification of Black Indianapolis: An analysis with commentary

The Columbia Conserve Co. A southeast Indianapolis business owned and managed by workers

A proposed compromise regarding the Southside debate: “College or die” vs. “Not everyone needs to go to college”

A deconstructing of the closing of Indiana Math & Science Academy–South

Cui bono? Who are Indy’s cultural trails for?

Sketch of Indy mural honoring working people by Michael “Alkemi” Jordan

A proposal to enter social class into the RCRLN structure

01.18.21 RCRLN Recognize Essential Workers

03.03.21 RCRLN Once in a generation opportunity

2018 Race and Poverty in Marion County

Suggestions to complement and supplement the Education and Workforce Plan

Proposals for 2016 South Side Quality of Life Plan

Proposed actions and changes for SSQoL Plan

Some ideas about what the If you grew-up in Ft. Sq. group could do

Activities during 10-20-16 ALL-IN Block Party IPS 31

Rich local (Southside Indy) heritage lives on in forgotten areas

Distribution of Klan strength in Indianapolis in 1923

The Education, Workforce Development, and Worker Empowerment Task Force proposal

Southeast Working-Class Task Force Indy Housing Issues Letter 12.20.19

IUPUI 2017 Social Justice Symposium Workshop Proposal: What is social justice for working-class whites?

IUPUI 2019 Social Justice Symposium Proposal: Advancing the scope of the IUPUI Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by adding social class to its definition of diversity

IUPUI 2019 Social Justice Symposium: How adding social class to campus definitions of diversity functions in relations to symposium themes

IUPUI 2019 Social Justice Symposium Presentation Agenda