IUPUI 2020 Social Justice Symposium

The real reason working class students are dropping out and what universities can do about it

What College Factual says about economic diversity on the IUPUI campus: How is IUPUI doing at attracting students from all economic backgrounds

Addressing classism in academic settings: Questionaire

Social class as a variable in the intersectionality of IUPUI campus life

Examples of social class discrimination on a campus

Membership IUPUI Board of Advisors: Questions and commentary about diversity and inclusion

Mutually beneficial interactions: Campus custodian-college student relationships

National First Generation Celebration Day

Social Class Defined

The history and mission of the IUPUI Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The lives of campus custodians: Insights into corporatization and civic disengagement in the academy

References 2020 Social Justice Symposium

Hey! Stop skipping class A heart to heart talk with IUPUI students about how and why social class is the hidden discriminator on campus and what to do about it

The poor and working-class college students’ Challenges and Resiliency Factors Scale

2020 IUPUI Social Justice Symposium PowerPoint Stop Skipping Class–Issues and Solutions of Classism on Campus

A Report and Analysis Hey! Stop cutting class Session IUPUI Social Justice Symposium