Strength-Based Learning Plan

Debunking Normalcy:  Exposing disability as a social construct

In 1907 Hoosiers legalized normalcy In 2017 Hoosiers discredited and abandoned normalcy

CRSEA Proposal: In 1907 Indiana legalized normalcy; in 2017 Indiana dismantled normalcy

Summary: The Strength-Based Learning Plan

Introduction: The Strength-Based Learning Plan

S-BLP Forms

Self-actualization and Social-actualization: Fulfilling our potential as a person and as a member of society

Constructing Normalcy: The Bell Curve, the Novel, and the Invention of the Disabled Body in the 19th Century

The Hunt for Disability: The New Eugenics and the Normalization of School Children

In 1907 Hoosiers legalized normalcy. In 2017 Hoosiers discredited and abandoned normalcy  May 30, 2017 National Critical Race Studies in Education Association Conference at IUPUI