1a OpportunINDY’s Rights of the Child: Recognizing Indianapolis children and youth have global human rights by composing a local version of a children’s rights compact reflecting regard for young citizens

1b Global Human Rights: Strengthening the school participation and civic engagement of children and youth

2a Violence is important: The issues are normalcy, apathy, and the unmet basic human need for respect and recognition, not violence

2b Accepting difference as a way to reduce violence: Validating the differon, self-actualization and social-actualization, and meeting our human need for recognition

2c Aproposal to re-invent disability: A Strength-Based Individualized Learning Plan for all* Marion County special education students and their families

3a Urban schools don’t need fixing: We can’t call schools designed to fail broken

3b Urban School reform, and crime and violence: Is IPS school reform really about land development, and not about schools or reform?

4 Why Black males don’t go into teaching and what to do about it: A recourse for culturally, politically, and critically conscious educators

5 Recognize, confront, organize, and act to ease racial and class isolation in Indianapolis, one of America’s most segregated cities

6 How Indianapolis can reduce violence by enabling diversity, excellence, and self-actualization: A Destination City or An Education City…or both?

7 Youthtopias: Establishing opportunity for Indianapolis youth to help create a world they will inherit

8 Social entrepreneurs: People forming businesses to tackle social problems, improve communities and people’s life chances, or save the enivronment

9 School disaffection is a global issue, not just in Indianapolis

10 A Learner’s Bill of Rights: Keeping children and youth in school and graduating by empowering them to make sure their teachers view all students as naturally curious and motivated to learn

The Invasion of the Body Snatchers: STAND-ing in as IPS parents