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A Civic Literacy: What does a constitutional democratic republic require of its schools?

Resources for Diversity and Inclusion in Democratic Education

Democracy is a flawed system for African Americans, Mari Evans, Clarity as Concept (2006)

Black Girl Civics; Expanding and Navigating the Boundaries of Civic Engagement

Research supporting improved school climate and academic outcomes when students are involved in school-related decision making

A history of democratic education in American public schools: Schools in a democracy and democracy in schools + Discussions and recommendations concerning issues of democratic education in urban schools and civic engagement by urban students 

Shared decision-making: Multicultural education for the 21st century

Democracy Prep: How a school uses Civics to challenge students to change their world

Using a Discipline System To Promote Learning 

The Common Good Responsibilities of Private Learning Alternatives

The possibilities and limitations of the Sudbury model to help educate all children: PowerPoint

Freedom in Education Conference Tallgrass Sudbury School Chicago, IL March 09, 2012

Advancing National Council on Educating Black Children Action Plan IV, Sec. II Students: From a 20th Century  outer-directed student paradigm to a 21st Century inner-directed student efficacy approach

First Amendment Schools: Helping students be active citizens while in their schools