General Education

Transformational Community Schools

A Moral Imperative and Case for Action: The flaws in the New Orleans charter school experiment

Community Empowerment through Community:  Schools 2013 National Community Schools Conference workshop proposal by the Education-Community Action Team, Indianapolis

Ruby Bridges Rockwell painting resurrected to renounce standardized testing

How school choice becomes school’s choice

Charter Schools Fight for Their Right to Discriminate

How a non-profit charter can be run for profit

Michael Bloomberg wants to spend $750M on charter schools.  It’s not a great idea

The coloniality of today’s urban schooling

The Perfect Storm: The big picture of the why, the who, the how. and the implications of the privatization of public education

Why People of Color Must Reject Market Reforms Aimed at Privatizing Our Public Schools

Privatizing US schools The City Fund and Connecting the Dots graphic

Advancing the concept of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

Parents Across America reports Parent Power’s plan to reunite Black families and public education

Why Black and Latino males don’t go into teaching and what to do about it

Today’s “Ruby Bridges” being escorted from her school’s standardized testing room by US Marshals protecting her family’s right to opt her out

To the Black Education Reform Establishment: Be Real with Who You Are and Whose Interest You Represent

Punished for being normal (2017) by Miriam Chitiga

Do districts actually want Black male teachers?

Recruitment, Employment, Retention and the Minority Teacher Shortage (2019) by Ingersoll, May & Collins

The Youth-Industrial Complex

Multiple Measures: Giving students options to show what they know understand and can do

Re-examining Resistance as Oppositional Behavior: The Nation of Islam and the Creation of a Black Achievement Ideology

The Definite Dozen “Discipline yourself so that no one else has to”

Beyond Testing: Seven assessments of students and schools even more effective than standardized tests

Strength-Based Individualized Learning Plan: Summary

Education or Neo-colonialism?

Shared decision-making: Multicultural education for the 21st century

Cultural competency is not enough: Advancing to politically relevant teaching

A movement against and beyond boundaries: Politically relevant teaching among African American teachers

Cultural Competency: Global youth culture

Privatization of public education serves individuals, undermines the common good

Outside Advocacy Groups Target Local School Board Elections with Lots of Money

The Nothing Curriculum Brochure: For students who want to study nothing!

The Unconvinced Generation: We tell youth the importance of education, but some remain unconvinced

Augusta Mann: Recurring African American cultural and educational themes, practices, and patterns

Contrasting the relevance of rigor vs. vigor to African American cultural themes

Why Black and Latino males don’t go into teaching and what to do about it

Pressure to Graduate Failing Students Is Felt Nationwide

Career Interest Survey

Student/Staff Personal Interest Inventory

Student/Staff Issues Inventory