DEC International

Research on education based on the global human rights of children in public schools in Hampshire, UK

2003 IDEC Report Troy, New York “Common Sense”

2004 IDEC Report Bhubaneshwar, India

2006 IDEC Report Sydney, Australia

Education or Neo-colonialism?

2008 IDEC Report Vancouver, Canada

2008 IDEC Vancouver PowerPoint: Why are there no inner-city democratic schools run by Black parents and or adults with significant numbers of Black children in the school?

2008 IDEC Vancouver: Why are there no democratic schools created by African Americans? Synopsis of discussion with recommendations for IDEC

Barriers to democratic education for African American children

The Link between Student Participation in School Decisions and Academic Attainment

UK Student Participation and School Improvement Oct 2006

UK From Student Voice To Shared Responsibility May 2007

Can Democratic Education be Universalized?

2019 Review: Can democratic education be universalized?

2019 Can democratic education be universalized?

2021 EUDEC Video talk by John Harris Loflin: Advancing development of national movements of unconventional approaches to education that are diverse according to culture, race, ethnicity, class, ability, language, and age

2021 IDEC Video talk by John Harris Loflin:  IDEC & Black Lives Matter

2021 The International Democratic Education Conference & Black Lives Matter: A talk by John Harris Loflin  PowerPoint

2021 List of Resources for Diversity and Inclusion in Democratic Education