Papers on Education


Education or Neo-colonialism?

Shared decision-making: Multicultural education for the 21st century

Cultural Competency: Why teachers must know global youth culture

Cultural competency is not enough: Advancing to politically relevant teaching

Privatization of public ed. serves individuals, undermines the common good.docx



     Urban Education

Super 6 Urban Education Fundamentals

Resisters, Rejectors, and Ridas: How to make urban schools work for disengaged students and critically conscious teachers

Rethinking the 20th Century position claiming urban schools are failing

Urban schools don’t need fixing: We can’t call schools designed to fail “broken”

The Rub, the Crux, & the Onus Why cultural minorities resist school engagement & what to do about it

Civil Rights Generation vs. Hip Hop Generation: Considering Black youth identity and the promise of hip hop culture

Appendices Civil Rights Generation vs. Hip Hop Generation

Teaching for social justice: Education for liberation

     Education and Poverty

B&LPI Urban school transformation A comprehensive vision

Urban schools as sites to contest inequalities

Keeping urban students in school: Adding the History of Labor to IPS curriculum

Transformational Community Schools: Advancing from dependency to self-reliance and self-determination


Missing what’s behind the Mitch Daniels-Tony Bennett scheme

A history of standardized testing: The Hoosier Connection

Indianapolis Public Schools

Misleading parents in order to privatize our IPS

School Uniforms A 20th century response to 21st century challenges Why mandatory school uniforms won’t improve IPS and student voice will 

Democracy for $ale: Who runs owns IPS?

May 2012 New advocacy groups (Stand for Children, Democrats for Ed Reform, StudentsFirst, Ed Reform Now) influence local elections and politics

Indianapolis Education Reform Player Profiles

$ Kelly Bentley 2014 Campaign Contributions IPS School Board Election 

$ Lanier Echols 2014 Campaign Contributions IPS School Board Election

$ Mary Sullivan 2014 Campaign Contributions IPS School Board Election