Spirit & Place

2021 Spirit & Place Festival issues: the 9 years of missing Indianapolis Recorder newspapers, Shortridge Principal. George Buck: An IPS bigot in action, Attucks and the Klan: Myth vs. fact?, and What was the Citizens School Committee: The IPS school board group no one ever heard of?

2021 Spirit & Place Festival:  Past the Klan: The roots of racism in IPS and beyond,  Synopsis with video: Now what IPS?

2022 Spirit & Place Festival: “Where’d you go to high school?”  Analyzing a century of the IPS caste system

Actions by 1922 Indianapolis political and education power structure to create a segregated and hierarchical public school system as described by Dr. Steele and Mr. Richardson, Jr.

Making a Mass Institution Indianapolis and the American High School, p. 19-20

05.21.2015 Indianapolis Recorder Letter to Editor predicts factors contributing to the IPS caste system

09.21.1979 Letter by Henry J. Richardson, Jr. to Dr. Lehamn Adams on the racial politics of Unigov

02.10.2022 The Indianapolis Recorder newspaper supports initiatives to solve the mystery surrounding the 9 years of missing editions

02.09.2022 Indianapolis Recorder Letter of Support:  Beginning to solve the mystery of the 9 years of missing Recorder newspapers

Eunice Trotter: The 9 years (1917-1925) of missing Indianapolis Recorder newspapers

12/2021 NOW WHAT IPS? Brief of Nov. 10 Spirit & Place Festival Past the Klan: The Roots of Racism in IPS and Beyond

11.01.2021 Past the Klan: The Roots of Racism in IPS and Beyond PRESS RELEASE

10.19.2021 Past the Klan: The Roots of Racism in IPS and Beyond  Press Release

Zeitgeist of early 1920s

IPS and the mystery of the missing Indianapolis Recorder newspapers

Principal George Buck and Shortridge High School: The legacy of the IPS caste system

Myth vs. Fact: Crispus Attucks High School and the Ku Klux Klan

What was the Citizens School Committee, the most powerful, longest-lasting IPS school board group no one’s ever heard of?

05.31.2017 NUVO story, “Which IPS Doors Will Close?” Enabling the crooked history of IPS

Please realize the video on Attucks history shown during the IPS District Town Hall Meetings is misleading

1900-1920 Indianapolis at the time of the First Great Migration

Making a Mass Institution: Indianapolis and the American High School

Citizen Klansmen: The KKK in Indiana 1921-1928 Indianapolis Section pp 139-150

The real story about the KKK and IPS: The Klan’s involvement with public education was not about segregated schools


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