Publications, Ideas, Proposals, Activities

SEW-CTF: Keeping urban students in school: Adding a history of labor course to the curriculum

SEW-CTF: A comprehensive vision for the transformation of southeast Indianapolis public education

SEW-CTF: Urban schools as site to contest inequalities

The Columbia Conserve Co. A southeast Indianapolis business owned and managed by workers

A proposed compromise regarding the southside debate: “College or die” vs. “Not everyone needs to go to college”

A deconstructing of the closing of Indiana Math & Science Academy–South

A proposal to enter social class into the RCRLN sturcture

2018 Race and Poverty in Marion County

Suggestions to complement and supplement the Education and Workforce Plan

Propoals for 2016 South Side Quality of Life Plan

Proposed actions and changes for SSQoL Plan

Some ideas about what the If you grew-up in Ft. Sq. group could do

Activities during 10-20-16 ALL-IN Block Party IPS 31

Gentrification: A Community and Personal Account by Angie Calvert

Rich local (Southside Indy) heritage lives on in forgotten areas

Distribution of Klan strength in Indianapolis in 1923

The Education, Workforce Development, and Worker Empowerment Task Force proposal

Social Justice Symposium Workshop Proposal

The Presentation Agenda