Urban Education

Super 6 Urban Education Fundamentals

Resisters, Rejectors, and Ridas: How to make urban schools work for disengaged students and critically conscious teachers

What is a high quality education for urban students? Education for liberation: Education as the practice of freedom

Rethinking the 20th Century position claiming urban schools are failing

Urban schools don’t need fixing: We can’t call schools designed to fail “broken”

Too much school, too little education–Why school is the enemy for urban students and what to do about it

An Anti-colonial Framework for Urban Teacher Preparation

The Rub, the Crux, & the Onus Why cultural minorities resist school engagement & what to do about it

Civil Rights Generation vs. Hip Hop Generation: Considering Black youth identity and the promise of hip hop culture

Afro-centric vs, Ghetto-centric: Advancing hip hop educational approaches to foster student engagement in schools and neighborhoods

Appendices Civil Rights Generation vs. Hip Hop Generation

Teaching for social justice: Education for liberation

THUG LIFE Pedagogy: Engaging disaffected urban students

Hip Hop-Based Education: Early childhood and elementary education

Gangstas, Thugs, and Hustlas: Identity and the code of the street in rap music

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy: Advancing culturally relevant teaching

Education as a political act for urban students: Countering the colonial character of today’s education of “neo-indigenous” urban students through a critical pedagogy

Urban school reform is really about land development, not schools or reform

Validating the experiences of urban students: A Pedagogy of Recognition

National and International Responses: What’s a quality education for urban students