General IPS History Resources

Early 1920’s Indianapolis oligarchy of education decision makers

01.06.21 Spite Fence case-Capitol Ave Protective Association

11.06.21 Geo. Beaman’s ad for IPS school board

04.28.22 The Negro Problem

04.28.22 Separation of races in all manners urged

05.27.22 Segregation of Negroes advocated

05.29.22 Democrats should include Negro problem in platform

06.12.22 Minister declares real US citizen must be Protestant

10.22.22 Butler’s Irvington students want to move to Fairview

11.29.22 High school for colored opposed

12.13.22 IPS creates separate high school for Negro students

12.27.22 Washington H. S. voted on; Shortridge H. S. discussed

05.28.23 Warns racial melting pot as threat to 100% Americanism