AACI Black Agenda for Indy




Recognize the global human rights of Indianapolis children and youth

Bullying and the Differon: Embracing difference as a way to reduce student violence

Beware of and counter the Youth-Industrial Complex

Community Organizing: Advancing the Black Agenda for Indianapolis by training youth how to community organize

Youth Participatory Action Research; Advancing a Black Agenda for Indianapolis by teaching youth how to conduct research to support their agenda

Expand trauma-informed care policies: Healing symptoms while eliminating causes

Rites of Passage: Either AACI provides rites of passage, or youth will have their own

Appreciate hip hop (global youth culture) as an asset, not a liability


It is vital Black History is taught in schools throughout grade levels and the curriculum

Vigor not rigor

Unpack and interrogate the socio-political construct of the Achievement Gap

Question high stakes standardized testing and find a replacement that is not political

Pedagogy of Recognition: Placing recognition at the center of teaching and learning

Redefine the purpose of schools located in the circumstances of poverty

Strength-Based Learning Plan: A proposal to dismantle normalcy in schools

Civic Literacy: What does a multi-racial multi ethnic constitutional democratic republic require of its schools?

First Amendment Schools: Where students practice the Five Freedom in their schools

Add Citizenship to the IPS Education for Career and College mission

Students on school boards of their Marion County public schools

Stop comparing charters and traditional public schools

Return oversight and voting on Mayor Hogsett’s charters to the City-County Council